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I wish you all a wonderful holiday, and for those who don't cerebrate may you have a restful and peaceful day today! May the last of your year fall into place wonderfully and all your worries fad away. Here's to a great New Year for everyone.…
Hello! I'd like to first start this off by thanking all of you, our members and watcher all for being a part of this group as we share art and grow. Over the last 3 years we have been slowly growing to 183 members!

As DA is so big it's hard for artists to get seen and my main purpose was to help get more exposure to more people, as this theme is very beautiful to me and I love space so much. While I do apologies that actively has been spotty over these years, I have tired my best to keep it going some what steadily. For the most part most submitting are by request as we are a small group, the best way to get exposure is to seek out like minded art and send out requests. I couldn't get on everyday so I would do so in bursts, some times 30 requests at one time, and over the next week we'd get responses back.

However Da has made some change that will make things harder for me to keep submissions active, It was very abrupt and with out any communication. You may have been seeing it from other groups you are in. It at first seemed to be a bug, but sadly it is not. There has now been a limit put on to only 'ten request/submissions' per-member per group, it use to be in the hand of the admin/founder on those limits. Giving much better room for the groups to grow.

Being able to only work with ten a day, limits who I can request and my time will be poorly spent. Less arts will get exposure and invites to the group now. Over all activity will drop more and I am sorry.  :( Before it took time to get response as for all artists getting on isn't always possible so many submission invites wouldn't get answered right away. So the more the better at one time for everyone.

All I can say I will do my best to keep thing going and if any of you on your DA travels come across space and sky art pls feel free to send a submission request our way, any help would be greatly appreciated!
As well happy February!

Hey, Finn here.
 Thanks guys and gals for being good sports and joining our army to take over the wor- *cough cough*
All of you are so talented almost makes me want cry, so once again thanks for supporting us in our endeavors as
we explore new worlds on a journey to seek artists with their bold ambitions.
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We are five months old now with 66 members!  I want to thank everyone for joining in our little celestial family and hope you all will find beauty, inspiration and lovely little gallery to show case your arts :) Also a big thank you for all the wonderful artists who have shared their work with us, you make this place so beautiful! Here to another 5 with you all :D

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